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Light makes its way

You can judge a big Company from its results, but without hard team working and dedication you can’t achieve any result.
For 40 years, Ilmas has been working on lighting components and its items are cutting-edge, full-developed and highquality.

We sell our products all around Italy and in the world thanks to a well arranged direct trade.
Our customers are aware that they adopt products in compliance to the latest rules that can modify the perception of each room; our technical tradition is guaranteed and backed up by market and design innovations.

Ilmas is known for its love for job and respect for its employees and partners; it is a big family, and our customer will feel like as if he were at home. With our basis we can look forward for future and innovation and choose the best for you.

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Light modifies what in enlightens

In the last ten years, Ilmas increased its turnover from 2 to 15 million of Euros thanks to its enthusiasm and love for our work and Company. It is obvious that light has become more and more established in architectonical thought.

In fact, light has an important skill: it can modify the perception of what it enlightens. The correct enlightenment can intensify, reduce or simply enhance the setting.

In Ilmas we are aware of this since 1978: for this reason, our items are “smart figures of light”.

Our offer covers the range of both indoor and outdoor products; they are assembled according high quality standards and the raw materials are properly selected, in order to achieve the best functionality from each product.

This study is due to our love for lighting

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A new way of thinking

Our success on the market is due to the stock policy we adopted, and this is our main service.

In our warehouses we have an important quantity of items that enables us to deliver the customer in 24/48 hours. Whether we receive a purchase order by 9.00 am, we are often able to ship it the same afternoon. This characteristic is a certainty for our customers.

We find help in contractors, logistics and outsourcing; we have 4 warehouses located in the West area of Milan. Our void items are assembled daily in order to find the best price/quality ratio.

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