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A big group

Ilmas is now part of HB4 Group, a Holding operating both in Italy and Europe; the decision has to be ascribed to the Company philosophy to satisfy market requests both on their products and services.
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HB4 group

Our challenge is producing cutting edge technology thanks to knowhow, innovation, reliability and efficiency. Our target is to give industrial value and globalization to our Company.

HB4 is a Holding operating in Italy and Europe among different branches such as industrial, real estate, auto motive, interior design and lighting. HB4 harmonizes technological knowhow and increases innovations in each Company of the group thanks to specific knowledge; this attitude leads to a determined global perspective. Since 2013, HB4 has been concentrating energies and investments on improving productive process in order to give maximum satisfaction to customers concerning product quality and accuracy on supply.


Group companies

cevlab - gruppo hb4


Company located in Lainate (Italy), it is specialized in technical consultation, design and test for lighting and automotive Companies. It works in collaboration with other companies in different production fields; they are keen on technology investment, Made in Italy and production process integration.


Zadi - gruppo hb4


Company located in Carpi (Italy), it has an historical background that enables its working in safety and vehicle lighting. Zadi produces safety systems (keys, immobilizers, bottle caps, steering wheel lock) and lighting units for motorcars; the last kind of production started in 2001, when CEV became part of the group.


CSI Srl, clocated in Ferrara (Italy), designs and produces industrial automation for the Group Companies; its production is connected to Business Unit of the motorcar, in particular concerning caravans.

CEV located in Carpi (Italy) is one of historic brands in Italian industry since 100 years.


Corisit - gruppo hb4


Heating Italian Company located in Reggiolo (Italy), it was born in 2017 acquiring some historical brands connected to biomass heating. CORISIT master has to be attributed to refinement in design, attention to details, preference for high quality raw materials. Recent and new achievements are: design and production of pellet and wood stoves, wood heater cookers and most recent pellet thermo boiler.


LINCAR, has a complete range of wood and pellet stoves, kitchen and wood heater cookers, thermo boilers and so on. High quality standard is proved by CSQ, IQ Net, IMQ and Iso 9001 certifications achieved in 1998.

ARCE produces different items as a result of evolving technologies in natural fuel heating systems.

VULCANIA has an historic tradition in biomass heating and produces wood heater cookers, thermo pellet stoves and wood burning boilers.


Ecie - gruppo hb4


Company located in Lainate (Italy) since 1991 it is specialized in producing lights whose design is groundbreaking and components for motorcycles, cars, farm machinery and quads. It produces lights, odometers and electrical components.


ECIE Electronics, it is specialized in circuits and electronic components related to automotive branch.


Gks - gruppo hb4


GKS GmbH is located in Haan, near Dusseldorf (Germany) and it operates in German market through planning, production and/or marketing of locking system and other components concerning auto and motorcycles branch. The technology is smart, easy to use and useful; the range of products is wide in order to provide choices for different needs.


giussani - gruppo hb4


Located in Desio (MB), it is an historical brand working in universal lock market and electro mechanics closing systems. Giussani Techniques was born in 1956 and its production site is in Desio, Italy. Its qualitative standard is very thanks to its specialization in locking system for advanced markets.


RLM - gruppo hb4


RLM Srl is located in Reggiolo (RE) on an area of about 9000 sq m. All over the years it has acquired experience in heating and industrial appliances production. Today its market is related to steel structural work, specialized in plate manufactory. Here below the list of productions realized with modern and cutting edge assembly fixtures: laser cut, punching, pressing and blanking, welding, both manual and mechanic, CNC manufactory.